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Full-time hustle

I've never not had a "real job." My freelance work has always been in addition to a daily 9-to-5 — extra work, a little extra money. A true side hustle.

Well ... now it's a full-time hustle. As of the end of August, I'm no longer among the gainfully employed, working for "the man" to earn a steady paycheck. I'm on

my own, sink or swim. And so far ... it's good. At the very least, I'm floating.

I'm not saying I'd never go back to "the office," but, damn, the freedom is nice. And the money? It's coming. I'm cultivating new outlets, taking work as I can get it, and staying busy. Truth be told, I might be even busier, at least with meaningful work, than I have been in a while. And "the office" hasn't been too shabby lately (the photo above is from a recent trip to Alaska — stay tuned for the piece on that in an upcoming digital edition of Hatch Magazine).

It's one thing when the side hustle is to make a little extra ... to cover the airfare to Xcalak, or whatever. It's another when you're checking off the bills you're paying with your freelance checks. Phone bill. Utilities. The mortgage.

So, I'm working it. Wish me luck.

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