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New this month in Hatch Magazine

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia. Photo by Campbell Brewer.

Hatch Magazine is my most dependable freelance outlet — editor/publisher Chad Shmukler is a great friend, and the gig pays. This month in Hatch has been busy — I've sourced several pieces for the online magazine, and more are in the hopper.

Thus far, I've written about the political challenges that are getting in the way of Snake River salmon and steelhead recovery; how businessman and philanthropist Yvon Chouinard literally gave his company, Patagonia, away to two non-profit entities; how the American Sportfishing Association and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association are likely going to have two different trade shows in 2023; a dire future for Montana trout; and how biologists are recommending that we "rewild" the West.

I'm always looking for new outlets and new opportunities. If you need good, well-written content on deadline, let me know. I tend to write mostly about fly fishing and travel, but I'm a classically trained journalist — I can write and report on just about any topic. Drop me a line, and let's do business!

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